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Our Story

Bill was about to retire, and he knew that he had to keep busy and travelling wasn’t for us. A commercial on CBC of these beautiful animals in a field caught my attention.

Alpacas, what’s an Alpaca? I Googled and found my answer. I am an avid knitter so began our journey, we would become Alpaca farmers.

We bought the farm and we started with two boys, Dawson and Walter, then came the girls (5) then I bought more and started breeding. Our numbers grew and we now have 54 beautiful alpacas in all natural colours.

Bill is happy, always work to do. I have the best yarn to knit with, making items.

2017. This is year number 11 we have an industrial sock machines that we need to get working, I have looms and spinning wheels that I have to learn to master and I am looking at rug hooking.

Stephen does the heavy work with the tractor, hay, manure, snow and helps on the farm.

We are here most of the time and as our sign says, “Come on in, We’re open”.

Bill, Barbara and Stephen