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Our Alpaca manure is aged outside for 1.5-2years. We have a machine that turns the rows. This is done 2-4 times a year. As it breaks down, the manure turns into this beautiful black soil-like texture that your garden will thrive on.

We have many customers that return every year. Once you try this product, you will see the difference. Your flowers and vegetables will give you better results than you thought possible.

Bags: Are $2.50 available at roadside table. Bulk: Arrange to pick up a trailer load. A full bucket on the tractor @ $25.00 a bucket. 519-424-3854

This is the manure ageing all Summer and Winter.

This is the next stage breaking down but still need a few more turnings.

Finally the manure is ready for bagging.

We are ready for your garden needs. This product is organic and will not burn your new plants you can spread it on directly. If you have clay soil this product will help break it down.


This is made with the Alpaca droppings only so I need to collect a quantity by SPECIAL ORDER if you want to try this.

Place the manure into a  large container,  top with water, mix well and leave to stand for a couple of days. Stir well before use and give your special  plants a drink of Alpaca Tea from a watering can. You will see the difference if you do a test…..  some plants no tea or manure and plants fed with manure and/or Tea.

*Remember to keep your container topped up with water for the next time.